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Collaborations at Iowa State University. 
I have an Affiliate Professor status at Iowa State University where I have several collaborations.

At the Nanovaccine Institute, I have ongoing collaborations related to vaccine development for older adults. 
Marian Kohut (PI) NIH/NIAID R01AI154458 "Combination nanovaccine-based immunization against influenza virus in the aged: immunity and protection" (role Co-Investigator)
My role on this project is to test the effects of various adjuvants and vaccine formulations on mitochondrial health in the development of efficacious vaccine for the aged community. 

Marian Kohut (PI) NIH/NIAID R21AI229330 "Adjuvant effect of physical exercise on immune response to COVID-19 vaccination and interactions with stress." (role Co-Investigator)
My work role on this project is to undertake pathway analyses from multi-omics data to test for the mechanisms of exercise-induced vaccine response.

In the department of HDFS (Human Development and Family Services), I am collaborating with Tricia Neppl on aging-related research within the Family Transitions Project to understand the interactions among psychosocial stress, stress physiology, and cognition across generations.

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