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The Bronikowski Lab is committed to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment.

Two Postdoctoral Positions Available

I am recruiting two Postdoctoral Research Associates to join my new lab at Kellogg Biological Station (KBS), Michigan State University. Post-docs will work on collaborative projects studying the evolution and ecology of life histories in wild populations of reptiles. Two positions are available to work on inter-related projects including:

1. Field Ecology and Life Histories. Co-lead field teams to continue long-term demographic, epi/genomic, and environmental data collection related to local adaptation in: i) populations of painted turtles (e.g., Turtle Camp) in collaboration with Beth Reinke (Northeastern Illinois U) and Fred Janzen (Michigan State U), and ii) the Eagle Lake Garter Snakes system in collaboration with Dave Miller (Pennsylvania State U) and Kaitlyn Holden (Iowa State U).

2. Comparative Physiology and Genomics of Aging. Comparative genomics and physiology of cellular stress and repair mechanisms related to sex-specific aging in wild populations of reptiles as part of a new NSF BII (IISAGE) across 8 institutions (NSF press release) (MSU press release).

Prospects for training and collaboration across  these themes are available, as well as emergent opportunities that arise from candidate interests. My post-doctoral mentoring philosophy includes providing (1) opportunities for professional development and mentoring of scholars, (2) time for independent project development, and (3) resources for outreach and activities that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM. Successful applicants will be based at KBS within a vibrant group of post-docs, with opportunities for travel and collaboration on main campus and at other institutions.

Details and instructions for applying:

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